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The Geography of Social Media Threats

by Luciana de Rossi  //  August 27, 2011  //  Exploits and Malware  //  No comments

Bernadette Irinco over at Trend Labs has pulled together a fantastic Infographic giving a rundown of potential threats they might encounter via a Social Network site.

The threats each have a risk assessment associated with them. Wall posts appear to be the riskiest region of the user interface, particularly with criminals taking advantage of popular news items (Osama Bin Laden’s death, Amy Winehouse’s death) to link to malicious websites with added value.

The top three security risks that users of Social Networks expose themselves to are:

  1. Malware Infection
  2. Data leakage
  3. Unwilling attack participation

Social Media Threats

Presenting this threat assessment as an infographic is great way of raising public awareness of these issues in an accessible manner.

About the Author

Luciana is a copy writer by profession with a specialist interest in Internet culture, cyber security and privacy.

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